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Accessory Nipple

An accessory, or supernumerary, nipple is a common variation of normal development in both men and women, typically occurring as an undeveloped nipple in addition to the nipples normally present on the chest.

Often referred to as a “third nipple”, they very rarely develop with an areola and breast tissue, and are generally not recognisable as nipples. Accessory nipples arise in the “mammary lines”, extending downwards from the normal nipples to the groin or inner thigh, and upwards into the armpits.

Accessory nipples can be removed for cosmetic reasons or if symptomatic. Unless developing as a fully-formed additional breast (called polymastia), there is typically no connection to breast cancer or increase in breast cancer risk.

Whilst accessory nipples are normally completely asymptomatic, if you notice any symptoms or have concerns you should see your doctor.